I have recently been a blogger. It happened because I was inspired by my good friend..
I thoght, I've knwown him from head to toe..We've been friend for almost seven years.
But I really don't know that he become a damn good writer..(it's a compliment,bro..:p)
He can express his opinion, feeling, usw through his writings.
Writing is a long passion of me. I always dream become a good writer (at least I won't be shy when read mine or show them to someone else..:">)
But I never become one (at least till now..hehehe)
yeah of course i've written several short stories, but all were not worthy to publish. My editor (myself) won't let me publish those craps. They will only make a catastrophe in the short-story-world...hehehe In fact I've just deleted them.
But i do not give up...
Now I do not have a luxury of time.
Coz my mind is focusing on other thing, so I completely forget to write, like I used to do.
I can be transformed become a good writer only if I were in blue (which is rare)..By that time words flows easily and I can arrange a good passage then. But frankly, i have difficulty expressing my opinion..I don't know why, maybe coz I am not a kind of person who love to give a deep thought on matters. I am a kind of person that usually take something for granted..For me Life is Beautiful..:)


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