Back at Muelheim

Sabtu 28 OKT 2005, 08.10 CET
Frankfurt Internatonal Airport
Dua orang Indonesia dengan wajah capek, perut lapar tapi pengen boker, muka berminyak, serta mendorong trolley dengan banyak tas diatasnya tiba kembali di tanah Eropa yg diidamkan mereka namun untuk saat itu terasa seperti tempat paling tidak menyenangkan di muka bumi!

Hampir dua bulan di Indonesia tercinta rasanya malas sekali kembali ke Jerman. Mungkin hal ini disebabkan di Indo kemarin full entertainment, happy2 aja dan ketika kembali kesini realitas yg dihadapi berbeda 180 derajat. Kuliah, masak, bersiin kamar (nah ini jarang...hehehe), dan yang buat tambah puyeng adalah harus nyari kamar baru! Yup, I intend to move away from my old apartement. When I came back to Indonesia, My friends and I were about to rent and share an apartement together and they would search an apropriate one. But when I came back, I found that two of my friends have already had a room in dormitory and I am left alone. I didn't blame them, but that makes me the only one without a room right now. My apartement's rent will be over by December, so I need to find another apartement very soon. I have two options, first stay in my old apartement, which I haven't asked the Landlord whether I could extend my rent consider the fact that I have sent them a quitting notice about two months ago. I don't know whether they have found a new renter (correct me if I am wrong but here I mean penyewa...). But I hope not so in case of emergency I still can stay here for another year. Second choice is applying for Student Dormitory. It's much cheaper but I do not like live there. I can not share a bathroom or a kitchen with someone totally new. It is a possibility to get a dirty neighbour. But also it is quite difficult to get a room there coz so the waiting list is quite long. But I have a good chance coz I have applied for a year. Maybe I can push the Landlady to give me a roon in any Dormitory my Uni has. Actually there is a third choice, but I have to find another friend to share an apartement with. I have informed that there is a good and cheap apartement but the problem is it needs two person to fill in otherwise it won't be worth it. So who wants to share with me??? ^_*

So, the lecture have also been started. And this semester will be cruicial for me. So many exams still have to take and makes me feel sick of School right now! Just wanna finish it quick, get a job and get married...huahahaha


BoNapiT said…
wah dah kebelet pengen married nie pak..huek..he..he..:P
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