Saturday, February 12

Ola...'s been quite some time since my last posting. I didn't recall when the last time I think about this blog. Life has brought me here in Germany, and it was a great deal for me to stay here. Almost 5 months here, so many new things happen to me. I was able to visit country that I just could dream of before. Life is tough here, everything must be done yourself, No maid and no mom...^_^ But it's quite nice actually to live like that. A whole new experience and also a whole new expertise. Yep. one thing positive here is that I am forced to do anything by my own and so far I enjoy it. The thing that I like the most is Cooking. Cooking is Fun!! (girl, believe me..hehehe). The principle is there is nothing wrong in cooking. I myself rarely cooked in Indonesia and at first I could not even cook a simple meal. But now, you may try my Cah Kangkung or Sphagetti Bolognese and my speciality Mie Goreng Tuna...:D I can even consider to open my own Restaurant when I am back in Indonesia (upsss stop right there, I'm getting too far...^_^)
Now, I'm in the middle of examination. And yesterday was my first. It was difficult, I have 5 problems which have to be solved in 90 minutes. Normally in Indonesia we could get 120 minutes minimum for that. Now here we only got 90, and I finally screwed it up as usual..:( My first examination didn't result as I expected and I am really disappointed. Disappointed of myself actually. But like one of my friend's say, Forget it and let's face the next exam with a greater hope and a better preparation..
Fuh...I am getting exhausted, till then.....


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